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Codespaces Setup

You can use GitHub Codespaces to setup a Frappe development environment in just a click! You will only need a free GitHub account to do this.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit this repository

  2. Click on the Code button, and then on Create codespace on master: Create Codespace Screenshot

  3. Wait for the codespace to boot up (behind the scenes containers are being bought up!):

    Codespace Booting

  4. Once the codespace is created, it will open up a code editor (VS Code) right in your browser, with terminal and everything! Wait for a few seconds for the initialization script to complete:

    Codespace Init Script

  5. After the script is done running, you can check your installation by running bench --version and then start the bench by running bench start:

    Codespace Terminal Screenshot

    This will start the bench.

  6. Visit the ports tab and click on the browser icon next to port 8000 (the web server runs on this port):

    Codespace Ports Tab

Voila! This will open up the site in a new tab:

Frappe Site Running through Codespace


  • For the site created by default use Administrator and admin as username and password respectively.
  • MariaDB Root Password: 123

Opening Codespace Locally

You can also open your codespace in your local VS Code by opening up command palette (Cmd + Shift + P) and running:

Open Codespace in VSCode Desktop command

Creating and Using a new site [Codespaces]

Codespace already comes with a site created (dev.localhost). If you want to create more sites, make sure you do that using these commands:

Terminal window
bench new-site <your-site-name> --mariadb-root-password 123 --admin-password admin --no-mariadb-socket
bench --site <your-site-name> set-config developer_mode 1
bench --site <your-site-name> clear-cache

Using a site (restart bench after running this):

Terminal window
bench use <your-site-name>

bench runs only in single tenant mode (only 1 site can be served at a time) in codespaces as of now