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Dynamic Options For Select Field

Use Case

I have a DocType named Customer Contact with a child table for Contact Numbers:

Screenshot showing a select field dynamically set based on child table rows

As shown above, I want the Primary Phone field to be dynamically populated based on the contact numbers in the child table.

Let’s get this done!

The Client Script

frappe.ui.form.on("Customer Contact", {
refresh(frm) {
frm.trigger("set_options_for_primary_contact"); // calls the method that follows, passing the `frm` object as argument.
set_options_for_primary_contact(frm) {
// gives ["+91-8770886545", "+91-6774662564", ...]
const phone_numbers = =>;
// Set the options for the `primary_phone` select field
frm.set_df_property("primary_phone", "options", phone_numbers);
// Child table script
frappe.ui.form.on("Customer Phone", {
// runs when any phone field is changed
phone(frm) {
// runs when a new row is added
contact_numbers_add(frm) {
// runs when a row is removed
contact_numbers_remove(frm) {

The above script is also a good example of how you can listen to row add and row remove events for a child table.

Controlling More DocField Properties

Similar to the above use case, you can use client scripts to show/hide fields, mark them read-only, and more, using the set_df_property method:

// hide a field
frm.set_df_property("blogger", "hidden", 1); // 0 to un-hide
// make a field read only
frm.set_df_property("blogger", "read_only", 1);