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HTML Field in Form View

This example shows how to render arbitrary HTML in Form View using HTML field

Use Case

I have a DocType named Driver in my hypothetical Ride Management app. I want to show a summary of rides by a driver right in the form view like shown below:

Screenshot showing driver summary in Driver DocType's form view

The details include the number of rides the driver has completed (think Uber 😆), total revenue from those rides, and average rating.

The Backend API

This data is returned from backend by an API script (/api/method/get-driver-summary) in this format:

"message": {
"total_rides_completed": 45,
"total_revenue": 50000,
"average_rating": 4.7

This script takes driver_name as argument.

Let’s see how we can use the HTML type field and some JavaScript (Client Script) to achieve this!

Adding HTML Field

I will add a new section and inside that an “HTML” field (NOT “HTML Editor”):

Screenshot showing adding of HTML field

If you want static HTML content to be displayed, you can add it to the Options property of this field:

Screenshot showing HTML field options property is set

Screenshot showing HTML field getting rendered

But we want to go a step further: we want to dynamically set this HTML based on the data we receive for this driver from the backend!

The Client Script

frappe.ui.form.on('Driver', {
refresh(frm) {
// Calls the populate_summary_html method defined below
// by passing `frm` as argument
async populate_summary_html(frm) {
// Fetch the data from backend (check above for sample response)
const { message } = await{
method: "get-driver-summary",
args: {
// Formatting the revenue
const NUM_DECIMALS = 0;
const formatted_revenue = format_currency(message.total_revenue, "INR", NUM_DECIMALS);
// Generate HTML
let html = `
<li><strong>Total Rides Completed:</strong> ${message.total_rides_completed}</li>
<li><strong>Total Revenue:</strong> ${formatted_revenue}</li>
<li><strong>Average Rating:</strong> ${message.average_rating}</li>
// Set the above `html` as Summary HTML
frm.set_df_property("summary_html", "options", html);

One More Way To Set HTML

// Using JQuery