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Day 4


Final Assignment

Tap yourself on the back! You have finally reached here 🎉🎉

You have learnt a lot of new things about Frappe Framework and have implemented a lot of features in the Airplane mode app till now.

This is the final assignment for the Frappe Framework certification program and is more open ended as compared to the other three assignments. This assignment only contains requirements and you are free to implement them in any way you like, as long as the requirements are met.



  • Ability to track crew members in a flight
  • Ability to track gate number in a ticket


The airport personnel are happy with the work your have done till now and want to extend your contract to implement a new module in the airplane mode app. This module will help them track shops (given on lease to 3rd party) at airports. Your job is to implement this module. Here is a rough requirement outline given to you by the airport authority, but feel free to go beyond this with your creativity:

  1. New module (Module Def) to hold the doctypes and logic for this airport shop management
  2. The system will help them track the shops in a given airport, with at least the below information:
    • tenant information (like name, email, etc.)
    • contract details (rent amount, date of expiry, etc.)
    • shop number, name etc.
    • physical properties like area of the shop
  3. The system should have the ability to track the rent payments collected per month and issue a rent receipt (brownie points for using Print Designer for designing a print format for receipt!) for the shop/tenant
  4. Ability to track how many shops a particular airport has
  5. Ability to track how many shops are available for lease and how many are occupied in a particular airport
  6. The tenants should be reminded about rent due at every month via email (use scheduler events!)
  7. Introduce two global configurations through which the user can: (Hint: think single)
    • set a default rent amount for shops
    • enable/disable rent reminders
  8. A new portal page that shows the list of all available shops in the system

A few more scenarios to think about

  • What happens to tickets when the gate number of a flight changes?
  • How will the payment schedule work?


Compress your app (airplane_mode) folder and upload it here. This assignment will be manually evaluated by me and discussed during the evaluation call.

Advanced Frappe

The following sections contain content on a lot of cool features of Frappe Framework, enjoy!